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"Do not ask me to remember, don't try to make me understand.  Let me rest and know you're with me, kiss my cheek and hold my hand..."    How to Care for a Person With Alzheimer's Disease

"Do not ask me to remember" Beautiful poem that reminds us even though someone may forget us, doesn't mean we should forget them.

Ik wil naar huis...Dementie, ik vindt het zo''n onterende ''ziekte'', vooral als men zich daar bewust van wordt (is).......lbxxx.

Author: Audrey Throne Dementia, often confused with Alzheimer’s disease, is not a disease itself. Rather, it is an umbrella word used for different disorders caused by a number of brain illnesses that affect memory, ability to

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In losing our memories, do we lose what makes us human? Explore the human side of Alzheimer’s. Read Fade to Blank: Life Inside Alzheimer’s

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