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a man in a tuxedo posing for a photo with his hands on his hips
BBC One - Strictly Come Dancing - Ashley Taylor Dawson
Strictly come Dancing 2013 contestant Ashley Taylor Dawson (Hollyoaks actor)
a man in a suit and tie smiling at the camera with red curtains behind him
Danny Mac, 'Dodger', Hollyoaks
a young man is standing in front of some trees and bushes wearing a tank top
Danny Mac aka Dodger Hollyoaks
a woman is sitting on a couch in front of a mirror and posing for the camera
Claire Cooper - she's so pretty when she's not chavved up in Hollyoaks!
three men taking a selfie in front of a mirror
two women are making funny faces in the same photo
myra mcqueen memorable moments hollyaoks
a man with a fake moustache on his face holding a box of sweets
awe kieron
four different pictures of the same woman talking to each other
myra mcqueen memorable moments hollyoaks
the words keep calm and turn my swag on are shown in white against a purple background
HOLLYOAKS on Channel 4
a man wearing a red shirt with some people are gay written on the front and back
James Sutton (Jean-Paul) from Hollyoaks.
the backs album cover with four people standing in front of each other, all wearing black leather jackets
Hollyoaks (TV Series 1995– ) ⭐ 4.6 | Drama, Romance
Hollyoaks (1995) Poster
three women in an inflatable raft with oxygen attached to their heads and one woman looking at the camera
aw so glad he is awake and ok now!
a man with wet hair and blue eyes
RIP Rhys.
a woman with blonde hair wearing a brown hat and white sweater is looking at the camera
Bronagh Waugh ... Cheryl, we miss you come back :(
an image of a woman talking to someone in front of a window with the caption, we've had jaffa cakes in our biscuit tin longer than you've known her