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"Overthrown by the Mighty Hand", USSR, 1966 - PropagandaPosters Ww2 Propaganda Posters, Communist Propaganda, Political Posters, Political Art, Fosse Commune, Revolution Poster, Cover Design, Socialist Realism, Russian Revolution

"Overthrown by the Mighty Hand", USSR, 1966

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furtho: “Soon All The World Will Be Ours, Soviet propaganda poster, (via here) ” Communist Propaganda, Political Posters, Good Vibes, 1920s, History, World, Artist, Movie Posters, Painting

"Soon all the world will be ours" 1920s

"Soon all the world will be ours" 1920s

Russian constructivism design – Birthplace of Cosmonautics Sputnik, 1987 - original vintage poster Communist Propaganda, Propaganda Art, Retro Poster, Vintage Posters, Les Aliens, Russian Constructivism, Political Posters, Socialist Realism, Russian Revolution

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Birthplace of Cosmonautics Sputnik, 1987 - original vintage poster by V Viktorov listed on

Communist anti-religion poster, date unknown : PropagandaPosters Communist Propaganda, Propaganda Art, Arte Latina, Political Art, Political Posters, Soviet Art, Communism, Cool Posters, Historical Photos

The magic of the Internet

Propaganda poster for Soviet Russia "hammering out" religion.

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Animated Soviet Propaganda: From the October Revolution to Perestroika DVD Set) Cut Out Animation, Revolution Poster, Propaganda Art, Communist Propaganda, Dvd Set, Russian Art, Stop Motion, Social Studies, Vintage Posters

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This four-volume set of propaganda pieces from Soyuzmultfilm Studios gathers 41 fascinating films from 1924-1984. AMERICAN IMPERIALISTS attacks the U.S. with a Cold War fervor, while FASCIST BARBARIAN

The gory and grotesque art of Soviet antireligious propaganda Satire, Pope Pius Xi, In Soviet Russia, Communist Propaganda, Anti Religion, Soviet Art, Dangerous Minds, Art For Art Sake, Atheist

The gory and grotesque art of Soviet antireligious propaganda

The images below are from the Soviet anti-religious magazine, Bezbozhnik, which translates to “Atheist” or “The Godless.” It ran from 1922 to 1941, and its daily edition, “The Godless at the Workplace,” ran from 1923 to 1931. The scathing publication was founded by the League of Militant Atheists, an organization of the Soviet Communist Party members, members of its youth league, workers and veterans, so while it was in many ways a party project, it was not state-sponsored satire. The Soviet…

The History Of Soviet Communist Collectivism & Propaganda Communist Propaganda, Propaganda Art, Political Posters, Political Art, Hammer And Sickle, Soviet Art, Kunst Poster, Exhibition Poster, Communism

When propaganda becomes art

Say what you will about the old Soviet Union, but they turned propaganda posters into fine art. I found these examples on a Russian website, Blogdex. If I read the English language story correctly, in the post-Soviet era they are currently used on a magazine called Agitator. What I love the most is not the message, which for most of the posters is obscured for me because I don't read Russian, but the incredible graphic design and printing of such dynamic and dramatic images. You get Lenin…