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Portrait Photography by Desiree Dolron

a la Desiree by Marina Nieuwenhuijs on 500px So far so good

Desiree Dolron for Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton: vakmanschap by Desiree Dolron

Louis Vuitton Photography: Desiree Dolron

In Greek mythology Homonoia (Greek: Ὁμόνοια) was Goddess of Concord, Unanimity, and Oneness of Mind. Her opposite was Eris (Strife). Homonoia was believed to be the daughter of Soter, the Saviour Daimon, and Praxidike, the Goddess of Judicial Punishment and Vengeance. Her siblings were Arete (a goddess personifying Virtue) and Ktesios, minor God of Household. Arete and Homonoia were referred to as the Praxidikai, taking this name after their mother.

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