This is a good way to make a bigger TV look intentional (and less like your husband won over you). Keep it alone on the wall above the console or shelf and hang another shelf above it. (design by Sarah Richardson)

7 Best Ways to Decorate Around the TV - Maria Killam

Principles of design: Balance: This could at first appear to be symmetrical, but when you look at all the elements, such as the drawers on the left & the ottomans on the right, it makes it broken up more so it's not in such tight symmetry.

Interior Design- different ways of creating interesting wall effects

Textured Wall Painting Techniques Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas - page 18 ? Dove Gray Home Decor ?

Comment Faire : Une peinture texturé.

How to Paint Interior Walls With a Sponge or Feather

By applying joint compound and a color wash glaze, you can give your modern walls an Old World look. The joint compound gives the walls a rustic texture like those found in the ancient homes of Tuscany.

Geen kleren meer op het bed of op de grond, ideaal als je weinig plek hebt..

Need a place for clothes in between wearing and ready for laundry? Inspired by a design from Laphoeff, buy two second-hand Ikea Bertil chairs and make them into dress boys.

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Could this be used to creat bathroom countertop out of concrete? Experimenting with Metropolis products and Modern Masters Metal Effects.

Turn A Regular Door Into A Sliding Barn Door                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Turn A Regular Door Into A Sliding Barn Door

A group of friends find this historic door at a local salvage shop and turn it into a sliding barn door.

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restoration of the tangier home of architect roberto peregalli and laura sartori rimini photo: via: trouvais photo: roland beaufre



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