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Jelle Van Mourik
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(OPEN RP) Audria was walking around the room, seeing if each of the programming was correct.

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Home dashboard, showing interactive SmartThings modules, presence and Nest.

I'm still plugging away on my very simple dashboard for the house. This is the current state. It's a fork of a project created by Florian using Shopify's Dashing project, displaying the status of some of the things in the house, plus interactive buttons t

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All the lights in my house are controllable through SmartThings, but not all of them are wired up to wall switches. I do have a bunch of floor and table lamps, which are hooked up to GE receptacles and plug-in lamp modul…


These aren’t available for sale yet but Rose Colored Gaming have posted a couple of sneak peek pics of their Famicom and Super Famicom styled shells for the Revo I’ve no idea how…