Modern architecture, described by the famous phrase 'form follows function', popular during the late 20th century.
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a tall building sitting on top of a lush green field
Architecture of Doom
an aerial view of a city with tall buildings
a large building that has some type of artwork on it
Somewhere along the way
an unusual building in the middle of a parking lot with trees and bushes around it
socialist modernism
New Headquarters of Bank of Georgia (formerly the Engineering building of the Georgian SSR Ministry of Highways), Tbilisi, Georgia, 1974 Architects: G. Chakhava, Z. Dzhalaganiya, T. Tkhilava, V....
an apartment building on the corner of a street
Brunswick Centre, London, Patrick Hodgkinson/Leslie Martin, 1960s
three cars parked in front of a building with balconies on the top floor
Résidence pour étudiants
Résidence pour étudiants - TVK
a tall white building with balconies on the sides
an old black and white photo of a building with steps leading up to the entrance
socialist modernism
Palace of Weddings, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, built in...
empty hands & heavy hearts Inspiration, Cosplay, Ulzzang, Fotografie, Fotografia, Beautiful, Resim, Fotos
empty hands & heavy hearts
two tall buildings in the middle of a parking lot with people walking by them and cars parked nearby
Kukurydze housing complex, Osiedle Tysiąclecia - the Millennium neighbourhood in Katowice, Poland, built in the 80’s. Architect: Henryk Buszko, Aleksander Franta. © BACU @_ba_cu #_ba_cu . . Add new sites:...
an office building with cars parked in front
Hotel Riga, Ruse, Bulgaria. Built in 1975. Architect Evlogi Tsvetkov © BACU @_ba_cu #_ba_cu . . Add new sites: . . Map location: . . Use the #SocialistModernism tag...
an unusual house is lit up at night with lights on the outside and inside windows
Covet House | Inspirations and Ideas
Architecural planning can boost your imagination like no other. Check our boards for more inspirations. #architecture #design #luxuryfurniture #architects #celebratedesign
an empty parking lot in front of a tall building with lots of windows on it
Architecture of Doom
an abandoned building is surrounded by trees and bushes on the edge of a river or body of water
socialist modernism
Restaurant Cosmos, (initially built as a canteen) Eforie-Sud,...