allerlei knopen die je met punnikdraad kunt leggen en hiermee een ketting mee kunt maken

Pretty examples: Macrame and traditional Korean knots as well as pictures of jewelry and other art work from knots

World Record holder for the longest French Knitting - started in 1989 and currently 27,842m long!

Original caption: "man knitted 17 mile long rope" I just think the picture is funny.

Cute wreaths for adorning Christmas presents - from my material life. Tutorial.

Toilet Paper Roll Knitting Nancy Idea #4: Wreath Ornaments

Toilet paper roll knitting nancy wreath - lots of other TP roll knitting Nancy ideas, as well.

French knitting is an interesting way for kids to work with yarn. Imagine what you could make with this kids craft! And saves you from going out and buting those big plastic things

Handmade Jewelry Could do French knitting for cords and knitted small leaves, plus chiffon sewn flowers and butterflies