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a notepad with a quote on it next to a cup of coffee
a red flower is in the middle of some white and yellow daisies with green grass
9.5.2016 papavero e camomilla
small white flowers are growing in the grass
some white dandelions are in the grass
two yellow dandelions sitting in the grass
two people walking down a dirt road next to a green field with houses on it
a field full of yellow and purple flowers
a cup of coffee sitting on top of a table next to a book
vernem nidahen
an image of a woman with a red bow on her head and words written below
frida kahlo quote about life and love
a cup of coffee next to a book on a bed with the caption's description
a man standing in front of a red background holding a piece of paper with the words thomas mann on it
an ink drawing of the name gingyfun in cursive writing on a white background