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Stoere Hondenmand 'Oilbarrel XXL' (Basic color) - Indusigns

Stoere hondenmand olievat XXL | Industrieel en origineel |

Gun je jouw hond/kat ook zo'n stoere mand?! Ook in België leverbaar! Vraag meer info aan Bel ons

15 Beautifully Designed Cat Ladders & Stairs Around The World

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Do you only care about your indoor decor for becoming more beautiful but neglect your pets? Have you ever thought about your pets? Have you ever wondered whether their homes are comfortable for them to live too? No? Then here is your chance. Here we provide some amazing ideas for the design of living spaces [...] #dogdiy


Lustige Katzen-Snapchats verdorben? Yup & ich lieb... - #Ich #KatzenSnapchats #lieb #Lustige #snapchat #verdorben #Yup

Lustige Katzen-Snapchats verdorben? Yup & ich lieb…

Lustige Katzen-Snapchats verdorben? Yup & ich lieb... - #Ich #KatzenSnapchats #lieb #Lustige #snapchat #verdorben #Yup

Evan Ryan da WISKI criou The Cone, uma cama de gato moderna que funciona como uma postura de rascunho.

This Cone-shaped Object Is Both A Scratching Post And A Cat Bed

Evan Ryan of WISKI has created The Cone, a modern cat bed that doubles as a scratching post, that won't look out of place in any modern home.

griffoir contemporain pour chat

7 conseils pour rendre son chat heureux

Le chat est un animal qui a un lien fort à son territoire. Ce territoire est organisé en différents lieux : alimentation, chasse, repos, jeu, toilette, etc. Pour les chats d’appartement, cet espace…

Bengal Cat Personality – How to Bengal Proof Your Home

Products & resources mentioned in the video: Back of the door cat climber: Hanging cat condo for door: Window-mounted cat bed: The ultimate cat climbing post: Waterproof mattress cover: Sisal rope (for making cat ...