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All about museums and special exhibits in The Netherlands
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The Portugese Synagoge is one of the most iconic buildings with over 800 ceremonial objects
If you can't go to them, at least visit them on your smartphone or tablet! Here are some #apps for some #museums around the world
Since the late 16th century, #diamonds are an important part of Amsterdam, learn all about them in the Diamond Museum
The Joods Historisch Museum, an informative and fun museum about #jewish history, culture and religion
exhibitions | Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam
The Ets Haim Bibliotheek is the oldest #jewish library in the world, with ver 500 manuscripts dating back to 1282 and 30,000 printed works dating back to 1484
A must see, Our Lord in the Attic is a #church hidden in the attic, that was done after the reformation period when #Catholics where forbidden to to hold public services. This 17th century church is an amazing example of the clandestine forms of worship of the time
In the #jewish quarter visit the Hollandsche Schouwburg, a former deportation center during the second world war, now a #memorial and educational center
Visit the Willet-Holthuysen Museum to see a fully furnished canal patrician house, with a collection from the Dutch Golden Age
The Bijbels Museum (the biblical museum): Discover the history of the #bible in a beautiful historical canal house

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