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a close up of a donkey looking at the camera
Powerful yet graceful quadrupeds standing three meters high at the shoulder, fathiers can achieve speeds of 75 kilometers per hour for short distances. Fathier races are glitzy affairs in Canto Bight, but few spectators understand the toll the sport takes on these noble animals. Many fathiers live miserable lives, abused by jockeys and trapped in cramped stables.
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8 Things We Learned from Star Wars: The Last Jedi - The Visual Dictionary |
an animal that is standing up with its mouth open and the words below it are labeled
How can the crystal foxes in "The Last Jedi" be living?
star wars - How can the crystal foxes in "The Last Jedi" be living? - Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange
an alien creature in the dark with his head turned to look like it is coming out of
Paintover Zbrush by EsbenLash on DeviantArt
a statue of a white horse with wings
Exclusive coverage of amazing Ray Harryhausen exhibit at A.M.P.A.S.
a painting of a man standing in front of a stone statue with an eye on it's face
Ray Harryhausen Centaur