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a couple of pictures are hanging on the side of a clock with two people in it
two people are sitting on the back of a paper clock with pictures of them hanging from it's sides
a card with an image of a boat on it
there is an image of a boat on the water with trees in the back ground
two girls are smiling and posing for the camera
AZZA – 20th year Anniversary
AZZA – 20th year Anniversary | Lets Create With Lyn Holmes – AZZA European Scrapbooking (Perth – Western Australia)
a collage of three photos with the words entre on it and two children
Azza gabarit 'Charleston'
two pictures with the words merry written in pink and white on them, along with some flowers
Charleston PM2
a collage of photos with the words las asago written on them and flowers
an open book with pictures of buildings and trees in the pages, on top of each other
an open book with pictures of statues and flowers on it's cover, in the middle of a garden
an image of the inside of a building with pictures on it's side and in the middle
Disney, Portrait, Cards
two people walking across a bridge in the woods