Oh, what a web we weave when making these for Halloween! Paint three craft…

Deck the Howls: 6 Easy Halloween Crafts

yarn (we used about 2 yards for one web) to the center of the sticks. Wrap it around the other spokes, then move outward, wrapping the sticks as shown. Tie off the yarn and add a plastic spider.

diy winter wreaths! For January and February. Hate the months in between Christmas and Spring :( - could also use foam balls covered

D.I.Y. Winter Wreath Roundup

Warm and cozy snowball wreath made from yarn for front door decoration. Winter and Christmas wreath. Wrap yarn around styrofoam or balls of newsprint.

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Of course I talk to myself. Sometimes I have expert advice needed.

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Life just wouldn't be the same without cupcakes, cookies and all the chocolates! This design is for those who keep our sweet tooths satisfied and our hearts fu

styrofoam wreath covered with white fabric, then adorned with three sizes of styrofoam balls, which are wrapped in various shades of white and off-white yarn. Along with the yarn balls, this wreath is embellished with ornaments and snowflakes in white, silver and gold, as well as gold and silver jingle bells.

2015 Christmas yarn wrapped ball wreath with silver and golden glitter snowflakes, jingle bells - Christmas ornament, home decor