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MyBOOKmark — making bookworms happy 🔖
Bookish gifts. Handmade polymer bookmarks by MyBookmark. For Harry Potter lovers, Wicked Witch fans and crazy gifts admirers. #bookish #nerdgift #bookmark #bookmarker #handmadegift #handmade #polymerclay #art #reading
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Mybookmark – The Craziest Handmade Bookmarks
the legs and feet of a fake human are covered in chocolate sauce on top of a white sheet
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a person holding up a white card with a game of throne on it that says winter is coming
Winter is coming Bookmark Gift
a bookmark with the letter t on it
there are some little cats and mermaids on these bookmarks for the kids to read
Girl Bookmark Gift Book Lover Mothers Day Gift for Grilfriend Cute Gift for Bookworm Granddaughter
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Quirky Bookmarks Look Like Tiny Legs of Literary Characters Sticking Out Between Pages
there are many pairs of socks and dolls on the table together, all made out of cloths
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a broccoli bookmark with the words cooking is hard to read on it
Cooking collection
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📖 YOUR DESIGN can be done. Just message us!📖 Bookmarks are attached to hard-laminated cardboard with inscription.📖 The total length of bookmark is 6.3 - 7.5 inches, depends on design.📖 The total width is 2 inches.📖 Comes gift-wrapped.📖 Perfect gift for book lovers.📖 Many designs available, check the shop for more.
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a figurine sitting on top of a book with her feet in the air
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