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a pizza sitting on top of a table next to a jar of olive oil and seasoning
25 Unusual Pizza Topping Recipes You'll Love at First Bite
Caramelized Onions, Apples + Goat Cheese Pizza. YUM.
people are looking at the fish in an aquarium
Georgia Aquarium, largest aquarium in the world! So much fun! I love this place!
an old building with many windows and balconies on the top of it's sides
Benedictine Monastery, Monserrat, Barcelona, Spain.
an ornate gold gate is in front of a building
European Highlights Itinerary
Golden gates to Palace of Versailles
people are walking around in front of an arch
Arc de Triomf Barcelona
the eiffel tower lit up at night
Tour Eiffel Deux
Eiffel Tower
an old brick building with chocolate shops on the front and side windows, sitting next to a cobblestone street
A Reason to Love Belgium
A Reason to Love Belgium. Dumon is said to make the creamiest and smoothest of Belgian chocolates.
two gondolas are tied to the side of buildings
Venice, Italy
a painting of a boat in the water next to a building with lights on it
Seduce With Style 10 Hacks Women Find Most Attractive
Bruges ~ Belgium
an aerial view of a small town by the water's edge with mountains in the background
home - Xendpay
a gondola floating in the water next to buildings
Venice Italy
an old cathedral lit up at night time
Prague by night
Prague by night | The Lightorialist - St. Vitus Cathedral In Prague
two very tall buildings next to each other on a field in front of a building's travel enthusiasts share their insider tips and pictures about Pisa
a cobblestone street in an old european town with half - timbered buildings
a fountain in front of a building with statues on it
Parc de la Ciutadella, Barcelona, Spain Cascade Fountain: Gaudí helped to design this fountain with it’s winged horses with serpent tails
the waterfall is surrounded by trees and foggy skies, with autumn foliage surrounding it
Plitvice National Park, Croatia. Be still my heart
there is a bench in front of the building
Dublin's Oldest Pub
an alley way with stone buildings and red doors
Butterslip Lane. by Frank Kavanagh / 500px
Butterslip Lane, Kilkenny City, Ireland.
boats are lined up along the side of a canal with a church in the background
My Favorite Sanctuary
Amsterdam, Netherlands
an old building with a clock tower on top
Reichsburg - Fachwerk
Detail Castle Cochem (Reichsburg Cochem) - Rhineland-Palatinate ~ Germany - It is the largest hill-castle on the Mosel River.
the city skyline is lit up at night, with many spires and buildings in the foreground
Montmartre Twilight by Brian Jannsen
Sacre Coeur, Paris France. © Brian Jannsen Photography
the eiffel tower towering over the city of paris, france in autumn time
an aerial view of big ben and the river thames in london, england on a foggy day
palm trees line the road as the sun sets
I Walk The Line
Santa Barbara - California
guinness sign on the side of a brick building
GUINESS FACTORY, DUBLIN, going here after Jameson!
a very tall bridge over some water at night
Modern Architecture - The legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright
Samuel Beckett Bridge, designed by Santiago Calatrava, Dublin, Ireland. Intended to resemble a national symbol of Ireland, The Harp
a brick building with flowers growing out of it's windows and lights on the outside
Dublin Dinner Shows — Irish House Party and the Brazen Head
The Brazen Head Pub, Ireland's Oldest Pub since 1198
a cobblestone street at night with people walking on it
Journey Through Ireland - Design your perfect vacation
Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland -- so relaxing and peaceful city. Plenty of liquid sunshine daily!!!
an old library with many bookshelves and benches lined up against the wall,
Trinity College Library (1 of 2)
Trinity College Library in Dublin, Ireland So magical being surrounded by all this history in an amazing building. I felt like I had stumbled into Hogwarts - it was awesome!
a small house on the side of a mountain overlooking a lake with mountains in the background
an aerial view of a city with many buildings and people walking on the street in front of it
Wonderful Innsbruck
an old building with many windows and flowers on the outside, along with people walking by
Welcome TrekEarth users! - FlyerTalk Forums
The Golden Roof - Innsbruck, Austria The story of the Golden roof was very funny. Clever King...
a tall waterfall surrounded by lush green trees
Krimmler Wasserfälle
Mit 380 Metern Fallhöhe über drei Stufen sind die Krimmler Wasserfälle die höchsten Europas und ein Naturwunder ersten Ranges
the town is surrounded by tall grass and yellow flowers, with mountains in the background
Heiden, Switzerland - I LOVE Switzerland, miss this wonderful country sooo much!
a large waterfall is coming out of the side of a mountain with houses below it
Waterfall and Beautiful village, Gimmewald, Switzerland
swans are swimming in the water next to a wooden structure with flowers growing on it
World’s Scariest Bridges
Chapel Bridge, Lucerne, Switzerland
there is a lion statue in the water
Lion of Lucerne, Switzerland
Lion of Lucerne, Switzerland
a woman in red jacket walking down a wooden walkway
"Chapel Bridge" in Lucerne, Switzerland --- Loved seeing the detailed work and character of this historical bridge in person with Cheryl. (We walked across it several times together.)
a map of the wine region of france, with its major towns and rivers labeled in green
Alsace France | Alsace France wine French map
purple and white flowers in front of an old building with a steeple on top
Brian Jannsen Photography
Ancient Turret in Ribeauville, Alsace, France
an alley way with lots of buildings and plants
Beautiful Restaurant Street Austria
Restaurant L'arbaletrier, Riquewihr , Alsace , France
many different waterfalls in the water and trees around them, with green foliage on either side
Plitvice Lakes - A series of 16 lakes incorporated by amazing waterfalls. (Croatia)
a gondola with people in it on the water near a large building at sunset
Venice, Italy by Per Y. Lidvall - Facts about Italy: Area: 301,000 sq km. A long, mountainous peninsula that dominates the central Mediterranean Sea. Also two large islands, Sardinia and Sicily. Population: 60,097,564. Capital: Rome. Official language: Italian, but vigorous use of nine regional languages akin to Italian. Languages: 42.
a black and white photo of boats docked in the water at night with city lights
So Beautiful, Venice on imgfave
a bridge that is over some water at night
Rialto Birdge, Venice
people walking in front of an arch with the words discovery barcelona on it
Arco del triunfo.
Parc de la Ciutadella. Barcelona, Spain. Paleeeeeeeeeese!! @Whitney Clark Horrocks-Turnbow
the city skyline is seen from above in this artistic photo
14 Unforgettable Things To Do In Barcelona, Spain
Park Guell, Barcelona, Spain - This weeks Travel Pinspiration on the blog!
an aerial view of a city surrounded by mountains
Search: montserrat spain
Montserrat Catalonia a mountain top monastery in Catalonia, Spain
the large cathedral is lit up at night
Sagrada Familia
LaSagradaFamilia,Barcelona,Spain definitely worth a second trip. Must go back soon
the inside of a church with rows of pews
Sagrada Familia
Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain