Xuan Wang

Xuan Wang

Amsterdam, the Netherlands / I love paper and am a Origami fan.
Xuan Wang
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Ilan Garibi has continued to translate his beautiful origami tessellations into purposeful home decor.

Ann Martin's All Things Paper explores creative paper art and paper craft. She wants you to be inspired to look at paper in a new light.

Spread Hexagon Framed and Matted Origami Tessellation

Spread Hexagon Framed and Matted Origami Tessellation flagstone tessellation, Crease Pattern

If you are so inclined, I uploaded two different crease patterns for this design: Waterbomb/Flagstone Tessellation, crease pattern (with grid) Waterbomb/Flagstone Tessellation, crea…

Origami Tesselation

Benjamin Parker will blow your mind with his origami tessellations. Pictured above is his Light Blue Tessellation, folded from one hexagonal sheet of dyed