I may be a young parent but that does not mean I can't be successful. Everyone told me my life was over because I had kids at such a young age. They don't realize having kids made me want to do better in life because now I have two little ones looking up to me. It's my turn to motivate my girls so they want to be successful as well. I have to show them the way to life and for me it was reading so I will introduce reading to them as well.

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Children look up to and learn from, predominantly, the same sex parent. So, mothers of girls, your daughters are watching. You are their number one role model.

Normaal doen daar word je pas echt gek van

Normaal doen daar word je pas echt gek van (Acting normal, thats what'll really drive you crazy) - Loesje

#spreuk #citaat #nederlands #teksten #spreuken #citaten #grappig #zwijgen #praten

#spreuk #citaat #nederlands #teksten #spreuken #citaten #grappig #zwijgen #praten