Oosterpark Amsterdam

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some lights are shining on the brick wall
After construction. Brick wall. Lights. RAW design. Bricks.
a gazebo sitting in the middle of a park with stairs leading up to it
Street View of Amsterdam
Travel and Holidays. Oosterpark. Amsterdam. Maps
an unfinished room with exposed brick walls and scaffolding
12oktober. Under construction.
a large brick building with lots of windows
Marcant Bv. Den Haag
an unfinished room with scaffolding on the floor and windows in the back ground
Under construction.
an unfinished room with scaffolding and ladders
Under Construction.
an empty room with a bucket and broom in it, next to a window that is partially open
Bathroom. Under construction.
before and after photos of a brick walkway in a garden with trees, shrubs and flowers
Garden. Under construction.
a woman standing in front of a wall that has been torn down with wires attached to it
Under construction. Week 1. Brick wall. Kitchen. Home.
a brick wall that has been torn down and is in the process of being repaired
Under construction. Week 1.
an unfinished room that is being built with wood and metal bars on the wall,
1Oktober2014. WalkInCloset.
a garden area with flowers and trees in the background, surrounded by brick walkways
Oosterpark tuin Juni 2014
an apartment building with flowers in the foreground and bushes surrounding it on either side
Oosterpark tuin Juni 2014
a small wooden deck surrounded by greenery and potted plants on it's side
Oosterpark tuin Juni 2014
an outdoor walkway surrounded by trees and plants
Oosterpark Juni 2014