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QUARZSAND - GLASS Festigkeit___________________2/5 Detailtreue__________________1/5 Preis_______________________2/5

The final DNA representation is probably the simplest out of them all but I think it looks the most effective because it doesn't look overally complicated.

Twistorus – Fractals Lampshade by Dizingof

Designed with fractals. This unique lampshade is in size and exactly in wall thickness. The base has a opening for a LED/bulb fixture. Print it with White Nylon or on your home printer with smart support structures. | "The Aizawa Attractor" by Chaotic Atmospheres (Switzerland) -

Strange Attractors A beautiful science/math/art intersection from Chaotic Atmospheres on Behance. These digital sculptures represent complex functions that are part chaos and part structure. (If youre a digital illustrator, theres a Cinema tutorial for