verschillende bestemmingen, verschillende stijlen
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Wild at hart
Beautiful weekend of the grid #noordholland
an alley way with shops and buildings in the background
Bremen city center
there is a tree on the beach with boats in the background
Wish you all a lovely, sunny weekend!
purple flowers are growing on the side of an old brick building in front of a window
an old building with a blue door in front of it
Colors change everything
a painting of a man holding a yellow instrument
Hello Handsome
The lute player, oil on canvas 1623 So alive, so familiar! Frans Hals at the Rijksmuseum
Christmas traditions
#london #christmassongs
Christmas mood 🎄
the inside of a large library with many books on shelves and tables in front of them
One of those places 💕 #rijksmuseum
Our backyard For this weekend 💕
an old blue car parked in front of a brick building with trees on the side
Guess in which country we found this classical? #slowliving
an old house sits in the middle of a field with tall grass and wildflowers
Our backyard… for this week! #summertime
a large skillet filled with lots of cooked shrimp and other foods on top of it
Summer time!
a yellow bus is parked in front of an old building at night with people on it
Lisbon By night
a pile of mushrooms sitting on top of a grass covered field next to tall grass
Autumn colors
A day in the dunes! #hollandlandscape