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a small mouse is sitting on top of a dandelion plant with it's head in the air
動物・癒しbot on Twitter
a baby elephant standing on top of a dirt field
La creación de nuestro Padre los animales Gudelia santana
an orangutan with its eyes closed and nose covered by a small snail
a brown and white horse sticking its head through a fence
the sun is setting behind a silhouette of a hummingbird flying over a plant with flowers
Audrey Loves Paris
The Nectar of Dawn
the sun shines through the trees and fog in the field with tall grass on both sides
Burned Out, Misty Sunrise Yellowstone NP, USA. by Barbara Jones ~ PhotosEcosse | Redbubble
Tree Skeletons, Yellowstone National Park, USA
two zebras are walking side by side in black and white, one is facing the camera
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zebra art
two dogs are sitting on a dock and facing each other with mountains in the background
lsleofskye: “- friendship - | Anne Geier ”
a small white pig standing on top of a lush green field next to a woman
some yellow flowers are in the grass and sunlight is shining down on them, as well
a green leaf with drops of water on it
via hepsylone //
an image of a seal on the beach with caption that reads happy weekend and it's all about me
Un bisouuuuuu Más
an animal that is laying down on some wood shavings and looking up at the camera