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A collection of my favorite d3.js, canvas or webGL based bl.ocks and observables. Either due to beautiful visual result, some smart interactivity, some smart…
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an abstract rainbow colored background with lots of small dots and lines in the shape of a star
Flow Fields
Flow Fields
an old world map is shown in blue and white with dots all over the place
Pen and ink stipple effect
Pen and ink stipple effect "Everybody just loves a pen and ink stipple effect. It’s charming, it’s warm, it’s handsome, it’s tactile." A few days ago John Nelson published an article about pen and ink stipple effects for maps. I fell immediately in love with the wonderful examples presented there, especially the map with the Spilhaus projection. So I tried to recreate it with d3 and here's the result. When I read John's article not only the stipple effect catched my eye, but
two pink beads are connected to a black cord
SVG Metaballs
an abstract black and white background with squares in the shape of rectangles on top of each other
Force-directed layout different shapes
An Observable notebook by Carlo Zapponi.
an image of many different colored bubbles floating in the air on a black background that appears to be multicolored
Stressed Cells 1
Philippe Rivière’s Block 3f52274945a2be33a3f6bfd585ca949b
an image of some sort of object that is in the shape of a question mark
Alpha shapes
a line graph shows the number of people in each country, from 1950 to 2013
Stacked Bump Chart
the united states painted with colored pencils in different colors on white background stock illustration
Scribble paint
a bunch of colorful string art on a white background
Particle tentacles
an image of a man holding a tennis racquet
Linde–Buzo–Gray RGB Color stippling
three maps are shown with different lines and dots in the same area, one is colored
Map Layers Perspective
an abstract background with circles and lines in pink, yellow, green, orange, and white
Layers Perspective
Accessories, Enamel Pins, Tiles
Loopy tile
an abstract red and blue background with many small dots in the center, all connected together
Generating SVGs
an image of some circles that are purple and red with dots in the middle, on a white background
D3 Zoomable Circle Packing