Storybook Paper Roses bouquet. Voor Iris bruiloft over een jaar. "She just knows"

Sheet music instead of a book Storybook Paper Roses bouquet. It would killlll me to rip apart a book for this, but this is SUCH a cool idea cost effective. Smaller ones can be made for the bridesmaids. My only concern is if the ink rubs off on the dress.

Een stelletje rendieren in de hal... originele DIY kapstok!

I love these ideas for repurposing wooden hangers. While they are probably best as hangers these ideas to give them another useful life are great. ReFab Diaries: Repurpose: Hang on to your Wood Hangers!

Geheugen Tshirt knop omhoog shirt kussen door BlessedMemoryQuilts

Memory Tshirt Button up shirt Pillow with by BlessedMemoryQuilts; This memory item can be made out of a loved one's clothes to comfort children of any age.