Be brave. Even if you're not, pretend to be. #quote @quotlr

BE BRAVE! Bravery isn't about not being afraid.of course you are afraid!It's about facing your fears despite your fear Más

Healthy ➹ Mind - Pinterest: Crackpot Baby

"Never stop dreaming." Keep the passion alive in your hearts! ~ Pinning both, although the same quote love both images :)

Tekstposter Just take it day by day

Tekstposter Just take it day by day. One of the gifts of having a chronic illness has been learning how to slow down, smell the roses, and find myself

Rainbow Butterfly Thank You Card: This gem of a Thank You card is the perfect balance of simple and fun. The abstract painting of the heart and butterflies is stunning, while the simplicity of the "thank you" message allows you to personalize this card however you'd like. This makes it suitable for any occasion, and, let's be honest– everyone's bound to love this gorgeous card!

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