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17 Super Cute Hairstyles for Little Girls

Awesome double braid hair!

- need to read if you have a baby who's hair is in the growing stage We Love Being Moms!: Toddler Hairstyles

Help for your Toddler's Hair! A blog with lots of adorable ways to style a toddlers hair and tips on how to care for it and what products/supplies to use

Gorgeous Little Girl Hairstyles

Gorgeous Little Girl Hairstyles | Full Dose

Leuk idee om zelf te maken.

Leuk idee om zelf te maken.

Layered Scent DIY Candle

DIY Layered Scent Candle |

101 Things to Do with a Mason Jar - Crafts and DIYs

Make a Funfetti Candle in a Jar it will smell like heaven

The All-Natural Way To Get Super White Teeth

DIY "Miracle" Night Cream -

DIY: "Miracle" Night Cream - great info about skin care on this post, especially in the comments section.

6 DIY Beauty Recipes

6 DIY Beauty Recipes | Her Campus