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an artistic mosaic with grapes and leaves on it's side, in the shape of a tree branch
the interior of an ornate building with stained glass windows and mosaic work on the ceiling
All that glitters, is Ravenna
"All that glitters, is Ravenna" by @ccfoodtravel
the interior of an ornate building with many windows
Inside Basilica di San Vitale (Ravenna, Italy)
a book is sitting on top of a pile of books in the middle of a room
Livres - Paroles de mosaiques
an elaborately painted ceiling in the entrance to a building with trees and animals on it
A Capela Palatina de Palermo e o Palácio Real - Descobrindo a Sicília
four mosaics with animals and vases on them
Bardo Museum, Tunisia
an artistic mosaic work on the side of a building with flowers and birds in it
Rome’s hidden mosaics | The Past
the floor is covered with ancient paintings and columns, along with stone steps leading up to it
an artistic mosaic design on the side of a building