dick bruna plaatjes. Leuk om kleurplaten mee te maken, puzzels, posters etc.

Noah's Ark Dutch master Dick Bruna just knows how to draw animals at their best. One episode about the instruments in the orchestra could be useful for the preps. Use pics too?

Sometimes Miffy feels like she is on the outside, looking in...

Sometimes Miffy feels like she is on the outsi de, looking in.

Nijntje schrijft een brief

cynicalmiffy: “Miffy has just received a letter abounding in dramatic accusations, detailing how she’s basically the worst bunny ever. She’s not really sure how to reply.

I chose this because it reminds me of my best freind

My absolute fav Miffy's moment: White Miffy met Brown Miffy in Miffy's Dream.

Miffy Bring Gifts And Balloons

Miffy color page cartoon characters coloring pages, color plate, coloring…