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there are four toothbrushes in the holder
Top 10 Ways to Reuse and Repurpose Piano Keys
two wooden blocks with piano keys on them
New Art from the Artists at Mountain Made - Asheville Art Gallery | Contemporary Mountain Crafts | Mountain Made
a wooden object sitting on top of green grass next to a box with scissors in it
keys hang on a rack made from an old piano keyboard and keychain, which is attached to the wall
Piano/Organ Upcycle
a sign that says it is well with my soul
Natural Wooden Piano Keys Holder
wooden wall decor
a key board with keys hanging on it
art made from piano parts
art made from piano parts - Yahoo Search Results
a wooden frame with sheet music notes in it and two black handles on the front
Piano Keys Art- New Etsy Listings
Piano Keys Art- New Etsy Listings
three candles are placed on top of two wooden legs with one candle in the middle
Trash to Treasure: 14 Creative Ways to Make Good Use of Old Stuff
Many of us have musical instruments that occupy a special place in our hearts, even if they no longer occupy a place in our lives. It's hard to imagine parting with your first guitar or disposing of a piano that nobody plays. Instead of letting an instrument with sentimental value gather dust, why not make it perform again as part of your home decor? Here are 10 repurposed instruments—from a tuba fountain birdbath to a trumpet iPod amplifier—to inspire both your inner musician and DIY ambitio...
a bird made out of wooden sticks hanging on the wall
an old piano key case sitting on top of a couch next to pillows and a pillow
My First Piano
two pieces of wood with buttons attached to the sides, hanging on a white wall