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hundreds of baby turtle hatched in the sand at the beach with people watching them
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Caretta baby turtles entering the waters on their own... One of the many attractions that a Zakynthos holiday can offer
an ocean view with flowers in the foreground and two large rocks in the background
Keri, Zakynthos
an old wooden door in front of a blue wall
Zakynthos, Greece, Luigi Tranchina
a person swimming in the water near a cave
Swimming near the Blue Caves in Zakynthos island, Greece
many people are swimming in the water near some cliffs and cliffs, while one person is on a boat
Sheep of the sea
Sheep of the sea. Zante , Greece. By Horacio Garcia Oliveros
a boat is sitting in the water at sunset with colorful clouds above it and boats on the shore
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Sunrise, Zakynthos, Greece Copyright: Assi Dvilanski
an island with blue water surrounded by rocks and flowers in the foreground, on a sunny day
Navagio Bay by Evgeni Dinev
Shipvreck, Zakynthos Island - Greece
the water is crystal blue and clear, with an arch in the rock formation above it
Blue Caves, Zakynthos, Greece
✯ Blue Caves - Zakynthos, Greece
an old stone building with ivy growing on it's side and a windmill in the background
The Stone Windmill, Zakynthos, Greece | Flickr
the sun shines brightly over an ocean beach with rocks in the foreground and mountains in the background
"Gerakas Beach Sunset, Zakynthos, Greece" Poster for Sale by Giles Clare
Gerakas Beach Sunset, Zakynthos, Greece by Giles Clare ~ where turtles come to nest.
two small boats floating in clear blue water
an ocean cave with blue water and rocks
Zakynthos, Greece
the sun is setting over an island in the middle of the ocean with blue water
Navagio Beach, Zakynthos, Greece
Navagio Beach. Zakynthos, Greece
an empty street lined with tall buildings and flowers on the balconies in front of them
Zakynthos town with its beautiful places and shopping facilities, markets and hot spots.