Light, bright and minimal Scandinavian style dining room.

Latest decor trends: ever wondered where they came from?

Mismatched chairs match eachother perfectly!

How to mix and match your dining room decor with style and functionality in mind. 7 ways to mix and match a few key decor elements. For more dining room style ideas and inspiration go to Domino.

Mixed chairs to wooden table

Houten tafel, vloer en wit - painted chairs how to go green. Light pastel chalky matte or semi gloss green works on nearly any style as seen here, in almost any location.

There's something about this, something simple, that is inspiring.

Hola desde la cama

Simple, warm Scandinavian dining room design, with perfect replica wishbone chairs in natural color. - Home Decoration - Interior Design Ideas

Cozy dining

:) love the mint green pendant lights. Will go perfectly in my future cream and mint kitchen!

I love how the different chairs are all in the same colour!

love this idea of getting a big tree twig, stringing some Christmas lights on it, hanging it over the table & decorating it with ornaments! - that's BRILLIANT!& i also like the mismatched chairs painted the same colour

white, natural & black

Dining room of the Vedbæk House in Vedbaek, Denmark designed by Norm. Photo by: Jonas Bjerre-Polsen interior decorators interior design interior design bedrooms

Wonderful lamps byTom Dixon

copper pendant lights by Tom Dixon, white Eames DSW dining chairs and a cantilever timber table top

Colourful dining

Новая порция домашней красоты от Car Moebel

Black Cluster Lamps

if the light line had magnets and then the room had magnets to hook to for task lighting