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How will you Raise your Hand when they Call your Name?
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Sans and Papyrus looking through garbage and finding cool stuff.

Yay, i finished it! I like the idea of how Skelekids finds physics books and other treasures in a garbage dump. Also, tip for a future me: drawing piles of garbage is tedious as hell. Don’

I love this game!!! It's a really good game too. It's made me cry made me mad and happy. If you haven't played this game or watch someone play it then go off and play or watch it. You will laugh, cry, and maybe get mad. The game design is really good and the characters names are clever and the events that happened can make your jaw drop.

i finally finished undertale,and now i can’t stop drawing it on my sketchbook :v, so i had to do a better picture ---EDIT---- so unfortunately this image was stolen and sold at redbubble, .

Frisk, sans, papyrus, Undertale

You can protect the human? But how about protecting them by divided from the control of gamer?