I totally had these!

Fuzzy Head Pencils: loved spinning them super fast to make the hair frizz out.

Chinese jump rope, I want to make one out of rubber bands and teach Lilly how to play

Chinese Jump Rope - Must accomplish specific series of moves without making an error. It has been popular for many years, certainly since the in the United States. In New Zealand, Australia and Great Britain children refer to the game as "Elastics".

ms pac man

From his sparkly gloves to the Neverland gates, Jacko's wacko garage sale...


I don't think guys realize that can be too, you just gotta show them you're worth it. Olivia Newton-John became famous for her good girl Sandra Dee look and rebellious Sandy look in "Grease".

Ligakoeken. De Ligafabriek in Roosendaal is nu een appartementencomplex!

die vond ik zó lekker, dat ik ze zelfs als tiener nog wel 's kocht!