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a child's hand is touching an abacus on a wooden board with pins
DIY geo board knikkerdoolhof — bij boef+mop
a piece of art that is made out of bamboo sticks and yarn with cats on it
flipperkast STEM diy
a hand is holding up a plastic model of a game board with metal parts on it
a brown bear standing on top of a rock next to another one with its head in the air
Kreatív ötletek 2o13
a card with a drawing of a woman and two children holding hands, on top of a table
Pom Pom Hedgehogs
Egeltjes van herfstblaadjes Play, Halloween Crafts, Autumn Crafts, Hedgehog, Fall Crafts, Fall Kids
Egeltjes van herfstblaadjes
an animal made out of wood sticks and paper with the words check out our tutorial
Paper Chalk Art Hedgehog – Kid Craft
four different pictures of grass with eyes and mouth cut out to make them look like they are
the fox and the ivy are cut out from paper, with leaves on each side
Autumn preschool Jesień przedszkole wiewiórka
Colour Matching Popsicle Stick Sun
Shape Matching DIY toy for toddlers
A fun shape matching and sorting activity for the toddlers and preschoolers. Time to hoard some empty toilet paper rolls and make this toy! 👉🏻 Recommended for 2 to 5yo 👉🏻 For 2 to 3yo, use basic shapes like square, rectangle, circle, triangle. For 4 to 5yo, include polygons like pentagon and hexagon.
craft for 2 year old - an easy craft to make