Papa ik wil in jouw voetsporen...

Papa ik wil in jouw voetsporen treden.

Father's Day Gifts: #CPDads #CafePress

Father's Day DIY

❤️ this idea for the baby scrapbook! First Birthday Art Print - Personalized Hand and Foot Prints - - Personalized Decor, Children Decor, Keepsake, Footprint, Handprint

Hős kártya apának :)

21 Cool DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas

This "You Are My Superhero" Keepsake tutorial is a perfect DIY kid craft idea for kid's to make their daddy's on Father's Day!

Handprint Keepsakes for all Occasions

Handprint Keepsakes for all Occasions

Keepsake, how I adore thee! I do have a soft spot for handprint keepsakes, and make it my mission to make a handprint keepsake for each occasion. (We have loads and we are probably not done yet!) Here are the ones we have made so far and this list will be