Use bubble wrap for floating flowers

Floating Flower Tip - Most flowers float pretty well on their own until they start to pool with water and slowly sink. For a longer lasting centerpiece, use bubble wrap to make little skirts for your flowers.

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These metal grid wall organizers are calling, “Make me!” They all look so good in these photos, but a big part of that is the expert styling. If I make my own, will I be able to curate it so perfectly? I guess we’ll find out, since I’m to the point where I’ve been casually trawling …

DIY Inspiration: Metal Grid

These metal grids are great for making a feature of one wall. You can display photos, lights or hang decorations.

Voor in je washok! Eindelijk DE oplossing.. (heb er 1 nodig van een meter of 3 ;) )

Decor-ganize Crafts: Lost Socks - need to make this for the laundry room.Mod Podge paper onto the clothespins for extra "cute-ness". But I will need more clothespins

Add some bright colors to you home with these simple tricks for painting the perfect stripes! A great idea for a feature wall. :-)