Citroën Type HY 1980 (Souvenirs de France, Breda) Yes its a Citroen but I like it

#OmDenken "Positief zijn betekent niet het negeren van het negatieve. Het betekent het accepteren van en leren omgaan met het negatieve." ~Mark #Verhees

Being positive doesn't mean ignoring negative things. It means accepting and learning how to deal with negative things

Dutch expression, literally translated to English.

Dutch expressions in English: het water loopt mij in de mond

"Ik vind je lief.."..mis deze woorden..L.Loe

(Dutch) I think this translates to: _I Think You're Sweet_ "I do not know why, and I do not care. I think you're sweet, just so sweet, and therefore is the reason." Not sure what exactly it means, but I like it.