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A listing of the easiest and best ways to build your brand quickly and effectively. #branding #infographic #personalbranding

50 Ways to Build Your Brand! Building your brand is so important to a small business because, when you lack experience or reputation, your brand is all you have to fall back on. Here are 50 great ways to develop yours!

Die "Digitale Beschilderung" eröffnet ein neues Zeitalter der interaktiven, digitalen Kommunikation. Digital Signage? An diesen Begriff wird man sich künftig gewöhnen müssen: Denn es heißt nichts anderes als "Digitale Beschilderung". Mit "Digital Signage" können Sie jederzeit und überall mit Ihrer Zielgruppe kommunizieren! #DigitalSignage #Signage #Display #DooH #Screen #Marketing #awesome //

The beauty retailer has just launched their first Sephora Flash retail shop, which merges the in-store experience with the countless brands available on their website.

12 more examples of digital technology in retail stores | Econsultancy

Mark & Spencer Stores with touchscreens are commonplace these days - all part of the multichannel/omnichannel (call it what you will) effort that retailers hope will help them accrue incremental revenues.

Touch-screen mirrors installed into retail outlets heighten the customer experience!

Interactive displays help to customise the shopper experience, they attract people to your store and they make shopping fun. "Touch-screen mirrors installed into retail outlets heighten the customer experience!

Retail Technology | The Future of Retail | Yr Store — Boxpark, Shoreditch

Ever fancied YR’self a designer but not fancied putting in the painful graft and even more painful uni dolla? Well kids, YR gonna be laughing when you see what the weird and wonderful world of modern technology has hairballed-up now.