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The Great Sail Peak in Stewart Valley on Canada's Baffin Island. The flags are Tibetan prayer flags meant to bless a mountaineering expedition. Photo by Gordon Wiltsie


I found this doing research for my World Food Prize essay! Mongolia all the way! Mongolian child and Yak calf - David Edwards

Sculpture and carving on bone and walrus tusk are the most highly developed forms of folk art among the Chukchi. Common traditional themes are landscapes and scenes from everyday life: hunting parties, reindeer herding and animals native to Chukotka. In traditional Chukchi society, only men engage in these arts. Chukchi women are skilled at sewing and embroidering.

Parenting lessons from ancient tribes around the world, conversation with a photographer. This is a very interesting article! Chukchi - JIMMY NELSON, BEFORE THEY PASS AWAY

Papua New Guinea | For countless years, the Asaro would frequently apply their mud and masks and terrorise other villages with occasional early- morning visits. | ©Image and caption Jimmy Nelson

"The legendary Asaro Mudmen first met with the Western world in the middle of the century." [Photography project by JIMMY NELSON]

I care, you must eat Brother.

Feeding baby brother in Mongolia as bird watches. Similar colors as well. i have a feeling the chicken may get more than baby brother cute photo of wonderful world


Beautiful Precious Darlings❤💋 In parts of our world this is how a little girls world is. a child caring for and raising of her sibling.


This one of my favorite pictures - a Mongolian girl and her camel laughing together. Her camel is a Bactrian camel. The Bactrian camel has.

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