This picture portrays a calm, romantic atmosphere that Italy is known for #TrollbeadsWorldTour

Ahh, Venice and if I'm not mistaken, the Rialto Bridge. We walked that bridge, took a Gondola ride around the city, and had the best pizza I've ever had.

This old picture of London, England looks so classic in black and white. #TrollbeadsWorldTour

London, Westminster, Big Ben April 1960 - the French flags are flying because of a visit by General de Gaulle

This gorgeous castle in Germany goes along with the fairytale theme of the frog Trollbead. #TrollbeadsWorldTour

Hohenzollern Castle (German: Burg Hohenzollern) is a castle about 50 kilometers mi) south of Stuttgart, Germany. It is considered the ancestral seat of the Hohenzollern family, which emerged in the Middle Ages and eventually became German Emperors.

This is a gorgeous picture of the Australian Barrier Reef. The colors of the fish against the the crystal clear blue water is very inspiring. #TrollbeadsWorldTour

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Go Scuba-diving in the Great Barrier Reef:)

Australia - Skyline #TrollbeadsWorldTour

Trollbeads: Skyline Bead - The skyline over the Victoria Harbour is the most beautiful and famous views in Hong Kong. Don't miss it when you visit Hong Kong, or you'll miss out on a truly inspiring sight.

The Netherlands - Clogs #TrollbeadsWorldTour

Trollbeads created a group of 4 beads for each of the many countries that Trolleads are distributed in. The Netherlands Clogs silver bead is perfect!

Italy - Caprese #TrollbeadsWorldTour

The Caprese salad comes from the island of Capri in the Gulf of Naples. The dish contains all three colors of the Italian national flag, which is a symbol of freedom, unity and pride!