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a bike is parked in front of a building
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the inside and outside of a restaurant with tables, chairs, and benches in it
10 Unique Coffee Shop Designs In Asia
10 Unique Coffee Shops In Asia / Alberto Caiola designed Fumi Coffee, a cafe in Shanghai, China, designed to draw people into it by grabbing their attention with a sculptural ceiling that flows from the outside all the way to the back of the cafe and was inspired by the aromatic vapors of coffee.
two potted plants sit in front of the entrance to a building that says second project
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there is a row of white chairs in front of the window and some plants outside
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밀린일상 - 성신여대카페 / 당신의나의케이크 / 잠실카페 / 나우나우나우 / 성수카페 / 어니언카페 / 남양주카페 / 나인블럭 / 신천맛집 / 늘푸른목장 : 네이버 블로그
three white buckets are sitting in front of a counter with coffee maker on it
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two people standing in front of a store window with their hands on the glass door
the instagram page on an iphone shows two chairs at a table in front of a glass wall
Buena Vista Hotel in Mosman, Australia by SJB Interiors & Tess Regan Design.
Buena Vista Hotel in Mosman, Australia by SJB | Yellowtrace
a man standing at a counter in front of a coffee shop
Onibus Coffee | Small coffee shop, Coffee shop design, Cafe design
Onibus Coffee:
a person standing behind a counter in a store
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a man sitting on a bench in front of a restaurant
Coffee to go Tokyo
Coffee to go Tokyo - a day magazine More
the inside of a coffee shop with three stools in front of it and an open door
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Raw Trader (Australia), Café / @albertwijaya
there is a sign that says the cups sakae on the side of this building