Handmade botões detalhe da árvore ilustra as etapas: a grandes jogos em família, eo bebê tem vindo a fazer a árvore de botões ~ ~ ~ lindo - Rede lições 59

【DIY paternity ] great family games , and baby have been making buttons Tree ~ beautiful and interesting. Also decorated permanent . ~~~ In addition , the picture of the small round tender ah good hands !

Schilderij van een boom gemaakt met gekleurde knopen

Button tree on canvas - now I have an idea for Great-Grandma, Grandma, and Mom's buttons! A button family tree!

Recycled book and magazine pages with buttons...

A Few More Buttons Magazines and newsprint background.vertical or horizontal lines, watercolors

kadinsky one for you Laura!

Friday Art Feature

from Runde's Room: Friday Art Feature - a classroom wall full of these wonderful trees would look fantastic

Home Art Studio--name sculpture Students have to problem solve how to make the letters connect and stand up.

Middle School - Students design a different font type for each letter of their name. They color the letters to reflect their personality and then cut out letters from bristol board and then turn into sculpture.

Letters: Liefste papa, superpapa, tofste papa, ...

make a I LOVE YOU collage out of old magazines. great project for kids, wine night, etc.of course you can choose other fun words or things.words of encouragement.

Receptenboek Juffendag

Receptenboek Juffendag