Apple science experiment using kitchen ingredients.  Great for exploring acids and bases!

Apple Science Experiment

Apple Science An apple experiment using acids and bases from your kitchen. Fabulous learning ideas for kids ages and the After School Linky!

Sugar cube Science

Fun Absorbing Experiment for kids

Sugar cube Science - good idea for explaining diffusion, saturation, solvent/solute during chemistry unit on matter for elementary science class.

AMAZING glow in the dark Science experiments for kids using oil and water. SO COOL!

Brighten up science with this awesome glow in the dark water & oil experiment for kids. Learn how w/ "Growing a Jeweled Rose.

Lost het op?

Does it dissolve? Predict whether each substance would dissolve or not. Then dump in to a pitcher of water and stir. Kids love dumping and stirring!

Top 10 Water Experiments for Kids

Top 10 Water Experiments for Kids: For Learning!

The Pencil Through Bag Science Experiment is so incredibly awesome!!! Kids will absolutely love this learning craft.

Pencil Through Bag Science Experiment

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