Children of the 80s - remember Monchhichi?

Children of the - remember Monchhichi? I loved my Monchhichi:) Mine was called cheek-a-boo

Peyton Place - 1964-1969 Mijn moeder keek hier altijd naar. Ik vond het verschrikkelijk!

Some of the actors who appeared in the “Peyton Place” TV series, including at center, Barbra Perkin, Mia Farrow in white, and Ryan O’Neal

The High Chaparral (TV Series 1967–1971) starring Leif Erickson and Cameron Mitchell

"The High Chaparral" (TV Series starring Leif Erickson, Cameron Mitchell, Henry Darrow, and Linda Christal.


Big Hair, Big Earrings, Big Shoulders and of course Big Drama.

For under the hot pans!

Onderzetters,deze hadden wij vroeger ook thuis / Coasters for pots and pans, my mother had the same ones

Telefoonklapper..wat een lelijk ding, die hadden wij ook thuis :)

Things of the past - Dingen van vroeger ( Telefoonklapper. Oma had several of these.

Something I actually want! I would love this for applesauce- I've made it with a borrowed one and it doesn't compare! Mashed potatoes are great too!

Ook in keukenkastje van mn ouders

No idea?!...But we all had one like this!

Crochet covered ball on elastic! I won this at my local fair. Managed to bounce it into my friend's pudding bowl one lunch time at school. Custard covered ball - not a good look!

Ik ben beertje colarcol beertje dat kan zingen do re mi fa sol la do ik ben beertje colacol

Ik ben beertje colarcol beertje dat kan zingen do re mi fa sol la do ik ben…

.....Perry Mason (Raymond Burr) and Della Street taking on and solving all of the court cases of the 50's on weekly TV.

Perry mason- only lost 1 case! Very recognizable theme , Perry was aided in his cases by Della Street( Barbara Hale), Investigative assistant Paul Drake(William Hopper)and always had battles in the courtroom with Hamilton Burger( William Talman).