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a black and white poster with the words destruction in red on it
three different type of typograms with the words king and queen on them
black and white typefaces with the letters in four different squares, including one for each letter
black and white art work with geometric shapes on it's sides, including letters
FS3582ct15 by Cecil Touchon
fs3608ct15 by Cecil Touchon | Artwork Archive
black and white tiles with numbers on them
birdcage walk
Birdcage Walk
a black and white poster is on a pole
LUFF 2019
LUFF 2019 - Fonts In Use
an advertisement on the side of a building that says for fun with black and white graphics
Graphic Design Bot
Graphic Design Bot
an abstract painting with red, white and blue squares in the shape of rectangles
América fría. La abstracción geométrica en Latinoamérica (1934-1973) | Fundación Juan March
Helio Oiticica
an abstract painting with blue squares in the middle
Helio Oiticica - 16 artworks - painting
several pieces of blue paper are arranged in the shape of rectangles on a white background