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two lights hanging from the ceiling above a table
Flos Stories of Lighting design | Flos Official Online Store
a green couch and table in a room
#moooi #moooioriginal #moooilighting
an elegant bedroom with grey walls and artwork on the wall, including a chandelier
6 DIY Design Ideas for 3 Bedroom Apartments - Interior Pedia
Fantastic 3 bedroom apartments 78216 for 2019
two lamps sitting on top of a table next to each other
Fontana Arte Equatore FT 4389/0RM Koper / Roze van Gabriele e Oscar Buratti kopen
Fontana Arte Equatore FT 4389/0RM koper / roze
a chair and table in a room with marble counter tops, white walls and wooden flooring
The Esplanade by Golden - Residential Expression of Rich Tonal Beauty - The Local Project
Overlooking Port Philip Bay, The Esplanade is envisioned as a calm sanctuary that intimately connects to its location through a rich tonal expression. We speak with Alicia McKimm, co-founding director of Golden, about their process. Imbued with a combined sense of richness of texture and tone of palette, and a calming overall oeuvre, The Esplanade is a shining example of Golden’s reductionist approach. Located in Brighton, Victoria, the family home enviously overlooks the expansive bay beyond.
a dining room table with chairs and a chandelier hanging from it's ceiling
Imagicasa Home | Imagicasa
the living room is clean and ready for us to use
Balancing Home | Luigi Rosselli Architects | Archello
Balancing Home | Luigi Rosselli Architects | Media - Photos and Videos - 9 | Archello
two teddy bears sitting on chairs in front of a wall with gold butterflies hanging from it
Just keep your eyes up and enjoy its beauty. Gold Moon Chandelier > #catellanismith