26.Schilderijen vind ik wel mooi maar heb er geen belangstelling voor. Ik zou er misschien 1 in mijn huis ophangen

Exploring The Great Artists - 30+ Art Projects for Kids

Vincent van Gogh Online, Self Portrait, Oil Paintings Only For Art Lovers! This is a non-profits site and shows all the paintings of Vincent van Gogh's art works.

Dit is Vincent van Gogh ik vind zijn kleur werk heel mooi hoe hij met kleuren kan omgaan bv dik dun, licht donker enz

The life and death of Vincent van Gogh

Really, I like everything by Roy Lichtenstein, but "Girl with Hair Ribbon" is definitely my favorite.

Ilustrações para download - A pop art de Roy Liechtenstein

Drew this in art!Pop art by Roy Lichtenstein, Pop art is short for Popular art. Pop art is very bold with its comic book inspired design. (Roy Lichtenstein, Girl with hair ribbon

In the car - Roy Lichtenstein. 1963. Pop Art. Magna on canvas. 172.7 x 203.2 cm. Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. Edinburgh. Scotland. UK.

Oil Paintings of 4 in the car 1963 Roy Lichtenstein Art for sale by Artists

Andy Warhol- materiaal: verf hoe: zeef druk techniek

Very powerful icon within the movie industry, known for 'wooing' the women within the decade; the use of subtle tone that Warhol uses on the side of his face changes the picture well, comparing to the Michael Jackson on

Masterpieces of Dutch Painting From the Mauritshuis' the Frick ... More

‘Vermeer, Rembrandt and Hals: Masterpieces of Dutch Painting From the Mauritshuis’ at the Frick Collection

Kunstenaar: Andy Warhol Kunstwerk: Marlyn Vorm: Pop-Art Kenmerken: Zeefdruk, weet ik niet.....

Getting Inspired

Both Andy Warhol and Marilyn Monroe. Andy for being pretty much the best pop artist ever, and Marilyn for having some of the most perfect quotes ever (personally don't care for her acting. She played alot of dun=mb blonde roles)

Saskia van Uylenburgh By Rembrandt

Rembrandt Van Rijn Saskia Van Uylenburgh, Wife Of The Artist oil painting reproductions for sale

Audrey Hepburn by Andy Warhol…

"Audrey Hepburn by Andy Warhol Pop Art is about consumerism, but also those in the Mass Media who are consumed, & imitated by the Mass Culture (Pop Culture).