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Nu rave/ Club culture

So what is new (nu) rave music and style? New rave (sometimes spelled nu rave or neu rave ) is a term applied to several types of music th.

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I beat my opponent, I fight the pain, I ignore it, there's no time for crying or drama queens, I live to play soccer. Call me when your sport gets only shin guards to protect yourselves.

What would be racist would be to assume that black people can't legitimately support a political stance based on self responsibility, freedom of speech, & anti big government control.

And dont give me the bs about Jesus ordained Trump to stop Clinton because he is just as big a horse's ass as she is! SO tired of hearing that crap on social media. Either way America is screwed come November! We did it to ourselves though. We've cared more about trivialities like celebrities and keeping up with the joneses than we did about politics because 'politics' is so, like, ugh! right?? Smh. WE let the wolves in. And now we will get who we deserve.

No, we had a Constitutional candidate that both political parties did not want (Because both sides are crooked) but low-info voters pushed out Cruz for progressives Trump, Bernie & Hillary. We continue to imitate the fall of the Roman Empire.

Van vluchteling tot Amnesty-vrijwilliger, het verhaal van Saleh en Turkieh

Van vluchteling tot Amnesty-vrijwilliger, het verhaal van Saleh en Turkieh

Een vluchteling in de klas – Met deze tools kun je gelijk aan de slag

kunstenaar vluchtelingen - Google zoeken

kunstenaar vluchtelingen - Google zoeken