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Front door wreath for Spring: cheap and easy way to pimp your front door!

Front door wreath for Spring: cheap and easy way to pimp your front door!

I'm not a big fan of our front door. I think it's boring. But because there are no windows when you step inside our hallway, there are not a lot of options on improving our front door. We need the glass in our front door to shed some light into the darkness. Front door wreath: pimp your door! Luckily I have found a cheap and easy way to make our front door look much better! I ordered a Spring wreath on AliExpress. And I think it looks great! How does your front door look? Make sure you don't…

I am the alpha and the omega, the judge and the jury | Momfever

I am the alpha and the omega, the judge and the jury

When you play your trump card, and things don't turn out the way you planned, there's nothing else to do but to try and save face. Insufficient evidence So in the matter of the mystery of the Stolen Bonbons I find that there is insufficient evidence to try and convict anybody. The perp has not come foreward and fessed up. Therefore he or she still walks among us, and shall remain doing so. It's a real bummer. I declare an Unsolved Mystery In light of this I have no choice but to declare an…

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Why I have Mother's Day twice

Even though sometimes I miss seeing my daughter in the flesh, after she moved from the Netherlands to England there are also some perks! Like having Mother's Day twice. Why I get to celebrate Mother's Day twice In the Netherlands Mother's Day is celebrated somewhere in the month of May. But in the UK the celebrate it in Marc. Which is why I got this beautiful bouquet of roses from my daughter : ) Make sure you don't miss any posts on Momfever! Enter your email address: Delivered by…

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Why is there a bath tub on the side of the road?

I was busy making memories to commerate my youngest daughter's birthday, so I was taking the whole family for a walk. As we were walking along, we came across the strangest thing: A bath tub on the side of the road. That's not even what mystified me But the bath tub lying there wasn't what mystified me. It was the way it's was chained to a tree, so no one could take it away. Why did someone throw his bath tub out on the side of the road, but then care enough to make sure it would stay there?…

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Lockdown outing during Covid-19

Three of my children have left the nest. But it's not empty, because I still have two children living at home. And because of the Covid-19 pandemic they've been home more than ever. The last time they saw the inside of a classroom was in March 2020! Since then, all lessons have been online. Social outings are not an option either. So I worry about their mental and physical well being. This can't be healthy! It can't be good for young adults to spend all this time at home, sitting behind a…

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Feeling stressed out? Here's a quick and easy solution

Are you feeling stressed out? Even though we're all doing our best, life in times of Covid 19 isn't always easy. I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel quite stressed. One of the ways I try to take care of myself is by taking the time to read books about... taking care of yourself! The Power of Vital Force Rajshree Patel For the last couple of weeks I've been reading The Power of Vital Force by Rajshree Patel. I love her message. Rajshree says life doesn't have to be so hard, and that…

When scissors fall into the wrong hands... Hair Gel, Scissors, Hands, Shit Happens, Mom, Fall, Autumn, Fall Season, Bicycle Kick

When scissors fall into the wrong hands...

It happens to the best of parents. One of your kids finds a pair of scissors and decides to give him or herself a new hairdo.... Damage Control Here's to damage control! Thank the lord for hair gel!

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I quit!

'I'm gonna quit Jan,' I told my son and let myself fall on his bed. The same bed I had just changed. Jan grinned a bit. The work of a mom is neverending 'My work as a mom doesn't pay, it never ends, and I never get to have a vacation. That's why I quit.' And to prove my point I stretched out on the freshly laundered sheets and hummed the first bars of Johnny Paycheck's song: 'Take this job and shove it.' Quitting is not an option I don't think you can quit, Jan said. 'Why not?' 'Well, I…

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How to give your Gerberas a second lease on life!

I love gerberas. They're nice and simple. They're simply flowers on top of a stalk. Unlike roses who come with lots of leaves and even thorns! You can enjoy gerberas for a very long time. Here's how! Anyway, there's another reason I love gerberas and that's you can enjoy them for a very long time. Because when they grow tired, you can take a pair of scissors to them and give them a second lease on life! This is not the end! All you need is: A pair of scissores An old small bottle. I always…

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Cleaning the top of your kitchen cupboards + Life Hack!

At the start of a new year, after getting rid of the Christmas tree, I always get the urge to do some serious cleaning. You know, to start the new year fresh and with a clean slate. Literally. So I decided to tackle the top of my kitchen cupboards. Top of the kitchen cupboards The top of the kitchen cupboards is notorious for several reasons: It's hard to reach. There's always a lot of dirt to be found. Because of reason number 1. It's sticky and fat! Also because of reason 1. No one needs…

Mean Mom Syndrome | Momfever Little Pets, Guinea Pigs, How Are You Feeling, Things To Come, Mom, Kids, Young Children, Boys, Children

Mean Mom Syndrome

When we moved to the countryside I finally gave in, and we got two cats. Four years later we even got a little dog. But for many years, I firmly put my foot down when it came to pets. In 2011 I wrote this post about it. Mean Mom Syndrome For years now, I've been denying my kids the joy of having their own pet. Even though I'm not an animal lover, there's no pet on earth I wish to subject to the care, or lack thereof, of my kids. Through the years the kids have resigned themselves to the fact…

New Year wishes: what should I wish for? | Momfever Courage To Change, New Year Wishes, I Can Not, I Wish, Serenity, Life, Mom, Wish, Mothers

New Year wishes: what should I wish for?

It's 2021! A whole new year lies ahead! So I started saying: 'Happy new year!' but then I stopped and thought: 'Wait a minute. That's not very realistic, is it. No one can be happy all the time.' Wouldn't it be better to wish for something that's kind of universal. That will help you get through the good times ánd through the hard times? And then I thought of Epictetus. So here's my new year wish for you! 'I hope you'll find serenity to accept the things you cannot change, the courage to…

Merry Christmas 2020 - Let your love shine a light | Momfever Keep Cool, Merry Christmas, Let It Be, Love, Merry Little Christmas, Amor, Wish You Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas 2020 - Let your love shine a light

Wishing you a merry Christmas. But is your Christmas not all that merry? That's okay too. Because hey, that's life. Hang in there! Make sure you don't miss any posts on Momfever! Enter your email address: Delivered by FeedBurner

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Christmas plate I found in our cellar!

In my kitchen cupboard I always have a plate that represents the season. They were a present from my mother in law. But in these days before Christmas I removed the plate for Autumn, and replaced it with a special Christmas plate I found in our cellar. Christmas plate from the cellar! Our cellar used to be my grandma's, and then my mother's and sometimes I find some unexpected treasures in there : ) Make sure you don't miss any posts on Momfever! Enter your email address: Delivered by…

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The secret of Santa Clause

'Who's cheating who,' sang Charly McClain. That's exactly what I wondered when my 11 year old son told me he found out Santa Clause was just another case of the Tooth Fairy when he was 8. 'I just didn't tell you, because I wanted to get my presents,' he explained. So all that time we thought we were keeping the secret of Santa Clause from him, he was keeping his own secret... That's parenting for you That's parenting for you. More often than not, the joke's on you...

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