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Running for moms, the psychology and philosophy of running and also about cute running outfits, book tips etc.
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Are you stressed out? Today you are going to discover a few practical ways to help you live a life without stress.

Home gym: how to create your own - Mom's Home Run

Homegym: wat is het, en hoe maak je je eigen homegym?

10 reasons to get your child to exercise

Doubt can plague parents. Are you too strict? Too permissive? Do you know which things are important to set limits on? Or do you just choose your battles and let the small stuff slide? Where is the middle ground on limit setting?

Why a Simple Walk is the Brain and Body Boost You Need – The Mom Gene

–Every Thanksgiving, my dad would push the family out the door right after the feast when any normal human would burp and take a nap. He’d grab his jacket from the hook on the wall, clap his hands …

price of running shoes

16 interesting facts about the price of running shoes!

running boredom

Running, mothering and boredom


Detraining: what is it, and how to prevent it?

illumiseen led reflective belt

LED Reflective Belt - USB Rechargeable - High Visibility Gear for Running, Walking & Cycling - Fits Women, Men & Kids - Fully Adjustable & Lightweight - Safer Than a Reflective Vest - Green, Red, Blue